Scaling your Influencer Campaign

So you can focus on growing your business 😉

A social media marketing campaign without specialized tools and a customized process, won’t blast you into outer space!

Let’s see if Influencer Marketing elevates your campaign past the Stratosphere…

Influencer Marketing (IM):

Strong brands, like these, are cashing-in on the power of Social Media Influencers (Creators):

Know why?

Because 75% of our social experience is online, which makes social media your business’s Word of Mouth.

So what?

Word of Mouth is the most trusted marketing tool on the planet and Influencers are spreading the word.

Recommendation from people I know 92%
Consumer opinions online 70%
Ads on social 36%
banners 33%
emails & sms 29%
"To what extent do you trust the following forms of advertising?"

Influencer Marketing is blasting off...

...and XLfluence is your ticket into space:

(Unless you can catch an Uber)

The market value for Influencer Marketing has skyrocketed by 600% in 4 years!

2016 - valued at $1,600,000,000

2020 - valued at $9,800,000,000

These multimillion dollar brands were built with Social Media IM:

...and more. Which means IM rocks!

Or find out how IM compares to pay-per-click

Influencer Marketing excels beyond PPC:

(We love this stuff)

Double the ROI. Yup.

Here are some numbers: IM – $6.50 in revenue for every $1 spent. PPC – $3 in revenue on every $1.60 spent. IM’s ROI is double PPC’s ROI. ABCDEFG, now I know my Marketing ABC’s.

They already love it

Your PPC campaign is constantly fighting for someone’s attention. Influencers have already piqued the interest of their followers, so when they mention your brand, your audience is already listening. That’s half the marketing battle won!

Will they remember you?

PPC gives you temporary, short bursts in sales which die when you stop spending money on them, while IM is a long term branding solution.

Remember when we said “Double the ROI”?

Yeah, we should talk:)

Or… find out how we do things at XLfluence

Launching a campaign?

Here's how we'll do it:

Welcome to the clique

At XLfluence, we manage cost-effective Influencer campaigns by using emerging technologies and our super duper intellect to identify powerful “Cliques” to promote your brand at scale.

What's a Clique?

 A clique happens when a perfect love triangle is formed between a brand, Influential Creators, and a receptive, buying audience. The more targeted the campaign is, the stronger the Clique, and the greater your ROI.

We will help you Clique intimately with tens, hundreds, or thousands of demographics all over the globe and we will manage those relationships for you, at scale.

Your brand is awesome.

Your audience is fantastic.

Your influencer rocks!

Here is how it works:

(Nice to meet you!)

We Learn About Your Brand

Introducing Dani:

Dani is an amazing listener. He’ll get to know you, your business, and become familiar with your marketing challenges. After enjoying some quality time with you, he and the team will get busy developing strategic marketing solutions for your business.

Clique Away!

Meet Gavriel:

He’s the hustler you’ll need to identify audiences and influencers that will Clique with your brand, and manage the relationships in order to ensure cost effectiveness.

Test & Optimize

Quality control is established at an early stage to make sure that the messaging compliments your brand culture and is delivered optimally.

We launch smaller scale campaigns in order to assess market behavior and fine tune the process to meet your marketing goals.

Influencer Marketing at Scale

Once your process  is set, we “power Clique” and scale your brand at a complimentary rate to your production output. So, you should probably think about increasing your output soon.

Gratitude and Celebration

You thank G-d you called XLfluence and we all get beers* to celebrate. On us.

*Wine, Whiskey, Tequila, and juice boxes are fine too.

Ok we should probably talk 🙂

Or… Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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